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Member File: Pre-Op

Biographical Information
The man now known as Pre-Op was a promising physician when one night, driving home from a party with his wife, Elizabeth, his whole life was changed.

Caleb was a very successful doctor of nuclear medicine at Barnes-Jewish-Childrens Hospital in St. Louis. He had everything going for him. A seat on the board of the hospital, a beautiful wife and a very nice home in the ritzy part of St. Louis County.

He and his wife had been invited to a party celebrating his sister's, Piper, graduation from medical school out in the rural area of St. Charles county. When the party finally ended in the wee hours of the morning. Caleb insisted that he would be fine driving home since he hadn't had anything to drink. Caleb and Lizzy said their goodbyes and left for home.

The night was rainy and with the new moon, it was very dark on the "back country roads". But Caleb was making fairly good time, he knew the roads fairly well, he'd driven them a lot with friends when he first got his license.

He was driving at a fair clip, but nothing too outrageous as to be considered reckless. He rounded a couple of the winding corners without any problems. But his luck was about to run out.

Caleb rounded another turn with ease, but the darkness concealed an overturned truck in the middle of the road. The second he saw the wreckage, he slammed on the brakes but it was too late. The car smashed into the tanker truck, passenger side first. The airbags deployed but it didn't save Caleb from passing out. The last thing he saw was liquid rushing in the shattered passenger side window.

Caleb awoke from a drug induced coma two weeks after the accident. He couldn't see, whatever that was in the truck had taken his sight. He was devastated, but not as much as he was when he learned that something else precious in his life was taken.... his wife, Elizabeth. His doctors and friends told him that she died instantly and didn't suffer.

After dealing with the loss of his beloved Lizzy, he began dealing with the loss of his eyes. He started his rehab, trying to learn how to deal with everyday life without the use of his eyesight. That's when he started to notice changes in himself. He began to experience odd sensations, feelings of strange power surging inside his body.

One day while working with his therapist, he felt a burning sensation behind his eyes. He didn't think much of it until it became unbearable. He was just about to tell the therapist when bolts of green energy shot out from his eyes and scorched the wall at the other end of the room. He cried out in shock and the therapist screamed in terror as she ran from the room. Caleb ended up on the floor holding his face until he regained his composure and left the building.

Over the next few months he started discovering more and more unusual abilities. Caleb knew that he wanted to use his powers for good, he's always been the care-giving type. He also knew that his wife would have hated it if he didn't use his powers to help people.

He decided that he couldn't stay in St. Louis, that's when he remembered hearing about a city in Rhode Island. He remembered the stories about people with extraordinary abilities. He packed up everything he had left and headed to Paragon City.

Paragon City Search & Rescue
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